The Taskless Entrepreneur

12 minutes

Do any other entrepreneurs struggle with the feeling that they have nothing to do, while simultaneously having an endless list of things that aren’t complete?

I sometimes find myself dancing between this irony: On the one hand, it feels as if I’m doing my job correctly (i.e. managing my team); consequently, I really don’t have that many tasks to do.



My November Challenge: Enjoy Every Bite

7 minutes

I know we’re nearly halfway through November, but with the holidays coming up, and with our proclivities to binge during this time, I feel like this post is needed—better late than never. I too must admit I have the tendency to binge, in part, because of how I first learned to diet.

While first working with a personal trainer in my late teens, I learned about the beloved “cheat days,” a dedicated day per week to eating whatever the fuck you want.



The 4 Currencies of Your Life – Poker Life

2 minutes

Welcome back to another episode of Poker Life, where I take your questions on travel, poker lifestyle and the life of a poker player and answer them in short videos.

Last week we have ‘10 Morning Rituals and Routines for a Productive Day‘ on Poker Life series, and today’s question is one I get often: ‘how do I decide what to do?’

I’ve been blessed with options, and I believe it’s extremely important to have a priority system by which you make decisions.


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